Monday, 27 February 2012

Fab Weekend

Yesterday evening, my family and I visited my aunt’s house (Dad’s sister). We went to visit her because she had twisted her ankle and had trouble walking. This incident took place on the last day of the half-term holidays in Dubai. Her children both aged 15 and 13 are still attending secondary school, so therefore they get half term holidays.

Coincidentally, my other cousins (dad’s youngest brother and his family) also came to my aunt’s house to visit her. My family have this tradition or custom to visit people who are ill or in poor health, just to help them out with providing a meal for them and their family, or just help them out in a useful manner. One of my cousin sisters’s as been staying at my aunt’s house since Tuesday, helping her around the house with cooking, cleaning and tidying up, etc. She said that she arrived at my aunt’s house on Tuesday (21st February) and plans to go back to her house on 5th March.

Another one of my cousin sister’s (dad’s oldest brother) also arrived with her husband and 19 month – old son. So as you can tell, it was another girly get together at my aunt’s house, this time unplanned with my other cousins who arrived (obviously we rang our aunts house first before we left our house to ask if it would be ok for a short visit).

My cousin (aunt’s daughter) showed us some pictures of her and her family, and the amazing time they spent in Dubai. They took lots of pictures most of which I saw from her laptop. She also had a couple framed in those smart covers (those which get taken after a Theme Park ride – similar). One of my cousins commented on the numbers of framed photos which were being passed around for show. Then my cousins (the one that went to Dubai with her parents and brother) said that although yes they were quite expensive and there were quite a few of them (like 6 or 7), they couldn’t resist the temptation of not buying them, as if they left Dubai without those framed pictures then they would have regretted it. For them it was like a once in a lifetime opportunity, although they do have plans of visiting Dubai again in the future.  

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Last Weekend

I had a really enjoyable weekend, as it was my uncle’s wedding. This was a brilliant opportunity for me to catch up with my cousins as I hadn’t seen them since 1st November (it was Eid on that day). It was really a just a chance to dress up and have a good gossip with the girls.

At the wedding hall, I sat with my mum, my sister in law, my cousin brothers and sister and also my brother-in-law. We just found ourselves just talking about random, things that we find personally interesting. My  sis-in-law and I were talking about how much we’ve got on at the moment in terms of uni work; project and coursework, etc and her with her job (she works full time as an accountant), but she also does work at home on her laptop and she’s got mountains of paperwork to complete. Basically the point was that neither of us was that enthusiastic to attend the wedding. Neither of us attended the Mehndi party on Saturday evening and also neither of us attended my cousin brother’s engagement party, the previous Sunday. This is a different cousin of mine. My cousin brother heard our conversation and said to us that it wouldn’t be the best conversation to be having at the dinner table at a wedding party. We just smiled at each other and changed the topic.

My cousin and my sis-in-law were teasing each other about food. He said to her to eat less, etc. This was obviously a joke, considering she’s stick thin and an exercise freak. Luckily for her, she has a cross-trainer at home, so no need to hit the gym.

After the meal, we went and took pictures of the bride. A little while later, we took pictures of just us cousins and sis-in-laws. We also went on stage and took family photos with the bride and groom.

When it was time to leave the venue, we couldn’t leave straight away to go back to our house. Considering how close we were to the groom (my dad’s cousin brother), my mum and I went to my aunt’s house in the limousine. My aunt is my uncle’s sister (the one that got married).  The bride and groom will be spending the week at her house before moving closer to where he works.