Thursday, 20 December 2012

One more week to go

Yay! It’s only one more week to go before I fly out to Bangladesh with my Mum. I fly out on Wednesday 26th December. I’m so excited. This year I am going to attend my cousin sister’s wedding ceremony. Last year I went over there for my cousin brother’s wedding (her elder brother). It was a really interesting and exciting experience, so I am definitely looking forward to going back this winter holidays too.
I still haven’t started packing yet, as I still have lots to do in terms of my University studies over the next two days. Tomorrow I have my Mathematics in Society lecture at 10am in the morning. Uff, I really dislike early morning lectures. Considering I’m not a morning person, I think afternoon lectures suit me best. Well I am more alert and awake anyways.
On Friday, I have my placement at Wanstead High School, however considering it will be a half-day for the students, seeing as it’s the end of term, I will only have to participate in two lessons, and I still have to plan a starter activity for my Year 9 class. Over the past several weeks I have been lo0oking forward to carrying out my placement at Wanstead High School. The staff and students are all friendly and helpful, so I think so far my placement is going successfully, and this experience also makes me look forward to being a full-time teacher, sometime in the future.
It’s quite a short blog this week, but there’s not much else to say. Who knows? I may have some exciting stories with regards to my adventures in Bangladesh to tell you about after the New Year. So till then my readers, keep reading J

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Last week was quite a busy week for me as I had work for the first four days – Monday to Thursday, and then of course I had my placement at Wanstead High School on Friday. 

Work on Tuesday and Thursday was most interesting. On both days I was working on the Greenwich campus. Interviews were held on both days in the Computing and Mathematical Sciences Department. On Tuesday, the film and television interviews were taking place so the majority of students attending the interviews were predicted to achieve AAB or above for their A Level examinations which they are due to complete by the end of June 2013. My main role was to help answer any general questions they had with regards to university life, accommodation, etc.

On the Thursday, prospective maths students and other film students were being interviewed. Although I started work at a later time of 1:30 on Thursday (compared to Tuesday, when I started at 11:45pm) due to the fact that my lecture finished at 1pm, I enjoyed Thursday’s work much more. Perhaps it was because the prospective students were being interviewed for the subject I am currently studying. It was nice to talk to these students about the modules that were going to be studied in the first and second years of the Mathematics degree. They also had other questions with regards to extra–curricular activities within the Maths Department. I was able to talk about the student Maths Society which is a society that comprises of 7-10 maths students that organise various events and trips for all the maths students studying at the university. Past events which have taken place are- Ice- Skating, Trips to Thorpe Park, Christmas Balls as well as many others. I was also able to advise the prospective students that they have to be in their second year of study to be part of the Maths Society team.

Other things which they could do include being a second year mentor to the first year students – helping the first years settle in during the first few weeks of University life. Taking part in these extra–curricular activities is really impressive for the CV, and it shows employers that you’re capable not only academically but socially as well, which is always a bonus, especially working within a team environment.