About Me!

My name is Farhana. I am a third year Maths student. I am representing the University of Greenwich.
I feel extremely fortunate and lucky to be a part of this university, so it’s a credit to me. Having had a successful second year, I am determined to study even harder and achieve the best marks possible. Studying at this university means a lot to me as it enables me to further my studies in the field of mathematics.
Attending lectures and tutorials can be a bit tiring considering that my lectures are 2 hours long and then I have a 1 hour tutorial straight after. However no one said that studying was going to be easy. So I just have to get on with it, try my hardest and hope for the best.
I really enjoy reading in my spare time (ironic I know since I’m studying maths) but oh well! My favourite author is J K Rowling. I have read all the books and look forward to watching the first part of the final book.
I hope you enjoy reading my blogs!