Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Coursework Deadlines

Although the Christmas holidays are approaching us, it’s not all fun and games. Coursework deadlines are also fast approaching. Having already submitted 2 pieces of coursework already, I still have another two assignments to submit. The holidays will be a welcome distraction to the mounting work I have to complete.  Coursework this year is far more challenging than last year. Of course it does not help that multiple coursework’s need to be completed at the same time. Nevertheless, it’s bound to get harder next term. This is already evident as i was made aware yesterday, that I will need to submit some coursework at the end of the first week of the next term.
Busy time call for drastic measures. By putting quality time aside to complete coursework is crucial in ensuring that I achieve good marks in all my assignments.  By gaining high marks in my assignments, I will gain confidence in my ability to master the subject of mathematics and will also encourage and motivate me to revise topics in greater detail to perform well in my final examinations.
Academic work aside, it’s snowing today. Although I’m stating the obvious, I thought just point out that the weather conditions are harsh. People travelling to work or school should allow extra time for their journey, or better yet don’t turn up at all. The snow is a welcome at certain points of the year, like nearer to the Christmas holidays, when most people don’t have places to go or people to see.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Uni Life

Hi! This is my first blog, so I hope it goes down well.
University life extremely busy time this month with lots of coursework deadlines looming over us.  This can be quite difficult to manage sometimes as there are more than one coursework to complete at a time. Why do lecturers give out coursework every two of receiving the previous one? Studying Mathematics does have its moments, however it can be incredibly frustrating when there’s a problem which is difficult to solve. Obviously this year being my second year, things are bound to be difficult, however everything has fallen into place and I aim to achieve my potential throughout the next two years.
Completing coursework’s may be challenging, but if I think I’m having a difficult time now, then it’s bound to get tougher later through the year. Thinking about exams, brings a sense of relief that not the entire course is based upon exams only. In my opinion, exams are harder than coursework because it is easier to make mistakes working under pressure, not to mention the time constraints.
There are lots of advantages about studying mathematics as a degree. The excitement and sense of achievement of solving a particularly tricky problem can be extremely satisfying. I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by good friends who help me to keep focused and motivate me to complete my work at the earliest opportunity.  
Studying maths provides me with opportunities to a wide variety of jobs. The purpose of me studying this degree is to secure a job in my later life.  The main focus for me now is to get through my second year, with good marks, and then can I only think about my future.
Thank you for reading my blog.