Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Holiday over

The Easter holidays have nearly come to an end. Only a few more days to go before I am due back to uni for three more weeks of structured revision with my friends and peers.  Most of my revision time has consisted of answering past paper questions and then going back and then rereading the lecture notes – mainly the one’s which were taught at the beginning of the year – only because those were the ones which were easier to forget.

The scheduled revision sessions are planned to go over the past papers again and correct any silly mistakes we may have made during the holiday period. Another really useful reason to attend the revision sessions is that some of the lecturers just might give hints on which of the topics are most likely to come up on the final exam paper.  I don’t think they will state the topics so obviously, but some things can be picked up by what topics they go over during the revision sessions and also which topics repeatedly come up in the past exam papers. Some of the lecturers have provided additional sample questions as a set of revision booklet. This is really useful as it gives us the students ideas on what the lecturer wants us to go over in more detail.
This Easter has been one of the quietest holidays so far, mainly because it’s the most important set of exams (personally for my family). One of my brothers is sitting his A Level exams this June, his marks are really important for him to secure his place at his chosen university. My youngest brother is studying for his AS – Level exams which take place. His one is really important for him, only because he takes his studies very seriously.

I haven’t met any of my cousins this holiday. I suppose they are all really busy revising for their exams as well. Two of my cousin’s from two different families (my dad’s two sister’s children – one child for each sister) are both the same age and will be sitting their GCSE exams this summer. There is a bit of friendly competition going on amongst them, which one will come out with the better set of exam results.

Overall, it’s quite a short blog this week, but that’s what happens when May is just around the corner with all those exams to sit. I’ll write more when I can. Keep Reading. J

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