Thursday, 10 March 2011

Plans for the weekend

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. On Saturday, I am working at the Greenwich maths master class.  I have already worked at one master class a few weeks ago, but I am especially looking forward to this one. This is because it is about how Google works. This seems like an interesting topic to complete a presentation about. The presentation will be carried out by a senior lecturer from the mathematics department. It would be quite interesting to see how he combines mathematics and computing together.

Since starting my degree in mathematics, I have become more aware of the link between mathematics and computing. Is it any wonder that my school is called; Computing and Mathematical Sciences? Studying mathematics incorporates many things like computing and data analysis. Next Monday, during one of my lectures, some people from GET will be coming in to give us some advice and guidance on placement and internships for next year or the following year. This depends on how many of us want to do a sandwich year. Personally I don’t want to do a sandwich year only because i want to complete my degree as soon as possible.  Also my course leader for operational research will be giving a talk based on what options we can take in our final year. It seems too early to be thinking what kind of courses I want to study next year, but nevertheless my tutor is insistent that we start to think about it now so that we don’t rush our decisions come August/ September. For some people making options can be quite exciting, however I do find it quite nerve wracking.  Some of my friends have already planned out some of the modules they want to study next year. But I still remain clueless. I mean, there is a total of 20 options to choose from, and we can only pick seven. Ah well, I think the best thing for me to do is take the advice of my course tutors and make some decisions later. I suppose i could talk to some of my friends and see what options they want to do and ask them why they want to do it and what they think they will benefit from by doing this module.

On Sunday, I am going to be attending my cousin brother’s birthday party. He turns one on ~Sunday. Aaw, so cute, innit? It’s just going to be with close family at my cousin’s house. My aunt called my mum up on last Sunday and asked her to come early this Sunday to help set everything up. My aunt and my cousin sister are really excited about the party, so I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been a while since all of us cousins have actually met up; I think the last time we met up was during the Christmas holidays, so it has been quite a while. It looks like I’ll be having a jam packed weekend at the end of this week. I hope all my readers/followers also have an enjoyable weekend, whatever you’re doing. Take care.

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