Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Busy times ahead!

This week has been stressful in terms of coursework and catching up on tutorial assignments. I do have my operational research coursework to hand in the following Tuesday. Thankfully, it won’t take me too long to complete. I did have a class based on the coursework on Monday, which really cleared up the misconceptions I had with regards to the level of difficulty of competing the assignment. With any luck I should have it done by the weekend. I do plan to have a quick glance at my work on Monday evening just to check for any errors I may have made and quickly fix them up before I hand it in on Tuesday.
I also have another assignment to complete; this time for numerical methods. Although this is a computing assignment (definitely not my area of expertise), I am quite confident that I can achieve good marks in this piece of work, of course it may have something to do with the fact that I have 5 weeks to complete the coursework and also the fact that I am allowed to submit the work electronically all through the comfort of my own home. Another positive aspect of this coursework is that my lecturer is extremely helpful and offers our class good advice and guidance on how to complete our assignment to the best of our ability.
I also have 2 other pieces of coursework coming out at the beginning of next month; one for linear algebra and another one for statistical methods, so needless to say that the following six weeks is going to be a pretty stressful time for me, but I won’t let this put me off. I do have to say that actually attending the lectures and tutorials do build my confidence as I can ask the lecturers questions based on the coursework, during that time.  At the end of the day, doing all this coursework enables me to plan ahead for my future. I am sure, after I graduate that I will face even more difficult situations compared to completing two or three coursework assignments at the same time.
Honestly, it feels like I spend most of my time at uni rather than at home. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally go to the library, I do however use the computers quite often especially to do my computing coursework as well as to do my statistics tutorials. Compared to last year, the courses I currently study are quite practical; it’s not all about paper, pen and calculators. We do actually get to use some pretty cool software packages which helps us to generate some amazing graphical models like the one shown above.
Aside from my studies, I am quite envious of my brothers, because they are currently on their half- term holidays. Not Fair!!! But saying that I am sure that they must also be completing their school/ college assignments and any other outstanding work they may have. Well at least they have the luxury of doing all their work at home.

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