Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Looking forward to July

I am really very much looking forward to the start of the official summer holidays. Although I started my summer holidays at the end of the May, I am still looking forward to the end of July when both my brothers and all my cousins will be home for their summer holidays. My youngest brother should finish on the end of June right after his last GCSE exam so I am quite excited for him.

Another reason to look forward to July is that my relatives from New York City will be coming to stay at my house for a while. Although the house will be quite cramped for a while; my family and I make 5, which is perfect for us, as both my brothers and I have one bedroom each, housing another four will be quite a squeeze. My relatives are from my mum’s side of the family, my mum’s sister and her family. We haven’t seen each other since 2009, when my mum and I flew over to visit them after I completed my A-Level exams.

My mum’s sister and her family are thinking of staying at our house for 1 week and then going off to France for another week via Eurostar, and then coming back over to us for the remainder of their holidays, which should be for another 4/5 weeks. I know this because they called up my house and wanted to talk to me and do research for them about booking cheap flights and to find a nice hotel for them to reside in for the duration of their stay in Paris.

I am hoping that the weather in July will be much brighter and sunnier this year. I mean, the weather this June hasn’t been that great now has it? It’s been raining on the weekdays and raining on the weekends. It seems that there’s no end to the rain this month. I think the month of July should be bright and sunny with a cloudless sky. July should be a month about relaxing and lazing around with friends, watching movies or going to the beach and eating ice creams.

I am also planning to have one of my closest uni friends over at my house for a meals and a catch up. She has gone off to Morocco for a week or so and should be back at the end of this week. I think she said that she will be coming over this weekend, if not provably the next. I am quite keen to hear what she’s been up to whilst away on holiday and just chat about girly stuff in general.

At the moment nothing else seems to be going on in my life, but when it does I will let you know what I have been upto. I just can’t wait for the next two weeks to fly by as quickly as possible. Before I forget, my exam results will be coming out probably by the end of June or the beginning of June, but when I do get them then I will let you know. 

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