Friday, 3 June 2011

A relaxing week ahead

As the week draws to a close, i am just looking forward to chilling out at home.  Thankfully i don’t have any plans, so I’m just going to take each day as it comes, unless my parents have planned something already, something i may not be aware of.
So far in my holidays, I have been to two weddings and one mehndi party. If you remember reading my last blog titled, ‘Dusty Pink’ i wrote a lot about colour and dress codes. It turns out that what I predicted and assumed came true. The mehndi party was a ladies only event. However a lot of people wore different colours; red, orange, green, blue and even black. In one sense this was good as everyone looked really colourful and bright.
On to other news, my college friends have planned two trips as a sort of get together after not meeting up for about a year due to busy university schedules. They have planned a trip to Thorpe Park and also a surprise birthday party for one my close college friends.  I am really looking forward to both events. I am looking forward to the Thorpe Park trip because this is an event that us college mates to every summer since the first year of college.
So I have been in touch with my friends through facebook messages and phone calls. It does feel nice to catch up after such a long time. Although I am in touch with one of my friends, ‘The Birthday Girl’ through facebook, we don’t really talk very often over the phone, so it was a nice surprise when she called me on my house phone just to talk to me and catch up. She remarked, ‘It feels nice to hear your voice after such a long time.’ I wasn’t sure what to reply to that so I just laughed at her comment. During the years I spent at college I developed good friendships with a lot of the girls studying the same A levels as me, but she was one of my first friends in my biology class. We still do maintain a very good friendship; I mean we must do if we are still texting and calling each other in the evenings even if it has been two years after I have left college, right?
The birthday surprise is to meet up at Ilford Bowling centre and then go to Nando’s for lunch. This is quite convenient for me as the bowling centre is a short bus ride from my house. Thankfully they have organised it on a day when I am free. So I don’t have to change any of my personal plans just to accommodate my friend’s birthday party. I am actually looking forward to meeting my old college friends as it will be a good chance to meet up and catch up on all the goings on in our individual lives. Seeing as well have all finished our exams and coursework for this academic year,  am really forward to talking to my friends about things other than our studies.                                 

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