Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dusty Pink

So this is the final week of examinations taking place and then our summer holidays begin. I only have one exam left which I will be sitting on Thursday morning. My final exam, I think is the toughest exam I am going to sit so far out of all my exams. Thankfully I have achieved good coursework marks for this module so I am aiming for a high outcome from the exam and the module overall.
After my final exam I just plan on relaxing and chilling out. Some of the many things I do look forward to is one of my cousins hen night (mehndi party) which is taking place this Saturday evening. I am looking forward to it as it gives me a chance to relax and enjoy the company of my cousins and other relatives. I think this party will be quite interesting as the dress code colour is dusty pink. Traditionally colours such as greens, yellows and oranges are worn on the mehndi night, but obviously this bride and her family are quite unique having chosen a completely different colour.
For some us dusty pink is quite easy to get right, however it will be very interesting to see how the mature women get the colour wrong. Of course there some people who just wear whatever they want completely ignoring the dress code colour. I however think there is no excuse for this as the invitation card clearly states the precise colour so people should follow the instruction and just attend the function wearing the specified colour.
Unfortunately due to the wedding taking place the following Tuesday (why couldn’t they have picked Monday, I wonder?) I don’t think my mum or I will be attending the wedding ceremony, because we are both going to be working on that day. Even though the ceremony starts at 8pm, by the time I reach home from work it will be 7pm and I will be so tired from a long day (bearing in mind that I wake up at 6am), I don’t think I will be in the party mood and wanting to socialise with relatives. At least my brothers will go to the wedding with my dad, as they won’t be doing anything during the daytime due to them having the summer holidays. Although one of my brother’s already said to me that he wished that he had a summer job just so he can get out of attending the evening weddings. I told him, ‘What a reason to want a summer job?’ in my sarcastic voice. As my brother opened his mouth to give me a reply, I told him that it was a rhetorical question. He quietly nodded and went upstairs to his room. Ah well, that’s funny brothers for you.

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