Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Looking forward to the end of the month

This month is quite a busy time period for students as they have final pieces of coursework and/or dissertations to complete and exams to sit. So far I feel that I have done quite well. I do have 2 more exams left and then I will be free. I can’t wait to alternate my current lifestyle which just consists of studying and revising for my upcoming exams.
I do feel that I do have the hardest two exams to sit last, as the first two exams were quite straightforward and I didn’t have any major problems with them. The one thing I do hate about exams is that after completing an exam, regardless of the paper, my friends and I get together and always go over the answers. Some people just want to forget about and put it at the back of their minds, but some of my friends were quite persistent about going through the exam questions in detail and comparing answers. For some of the questions a group of us got one answer and a few of my friends got some different answers. Obviously this can be confusing and sometimes frustrating for some of us, but at the same time we do not know who is right.
Something else which I find quite funny about exams and revision is that even though at the beginning of the year, our lecturers do give us the time to actually go into their office during their specific hours in which students are allowed to ask the lecturers questions (for help) regarding the topic covered, hardly anyone goes during term time. As soon as we come back after Easter, all students are eager to arrange meetings and contact lecturers requesting help on particular questions. Why do students leave things at the last minute and not deal with them as soon as they arise?
Personally, I did go to some lecturers during the term to ask for help on certain tutorial questions, but even so I did find myself arranging to meet up with my lecturers to discuss some questions even after Easter.
One of the good things about revision, is that even though revising by myself can be helpful because of the peace and quiet, I do also like revising with my friends just to see how other people revise and it’s also wise to help friends with questions they may have trouble with and my friends also help me with any questions I do have trouble with.

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