Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spring Time

Spring time is such a beautiful time of year with flowers blooming. This season makes me appreciate all the beautiful colours within our life. However this spring my time has been spent studying for my second year final exams which I am due to take next month.
Thankfully all my coursework is out of the way and I have handed everything in. I am just awaiting a couple of coursework marks so then I can work out my average and find out how many marks I need in my exam to do well overall for my second year. The second year of my studies counts towards 25% of my final degree, so even though I am not in my final year, my second year is personally important to me.
Even though I am currently on my Easter holidays, I feel like the days are just passing by too quickly for my liking, especially when I really want them to slow down. I can’t believe I’ve only got a week left before I have to go back to university for my final revision classes, before my exams.
Overall this academic year has flown by quite quickly. It has been great fun, no matter how busy it has been. I am just looking forward to completing my revision and exams and not having anything else to worry about and I can then enjoy my summer without worrying about my studies.
Apart from my studies I have managed to attend two weddings with family which was good fun. Although my family are not particularly close to the groom or bride, a lot of my cousins and uncles did attend the wedding so we did get to catch up. One of my cousins who I am particularly close to did also attended the wedding. I haven’t seen her in almost a year because she works abroad, so it was particularly interesting and exciting to get to spend some time together.

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