Monday, 25 July 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend has been quite interesting and exciting in its own way. On Saturday, after chilling at home in the morning, I went to one of my dad’s cousins house, because it was that cousin’s nieces mehndi party and her wedding was taking place on Sunday. That party was quite different as usually they have the party at a hall or restaurant, but this particular family did the pary at home. So it was for very close family. I suppose it was quite cosy. The one thing I would say is that there were a lot of kids, so it was pretty noisy.
On Sunday, we went to an engagement in Luton. We were from the groom’s side. The groom was my mum’s cousin. My aunt (mum’s sister) and her family also attended this party so it was good fun. My other aunt (mum’s cousin sister) also attending the party with her two little daughters. I suppose if you go to a wedding of a close relative then you would have a more enjoyable time compared to attending the wedding of someone you don’t know, or who isn’t so close to you in terms of family. My cousins and i sat together, and then all our parents at on a separate table. It was quite fun as we were just playing jokes and poking fun at each other. The good thing was that there were lots of us at the party so it was good to mix with different people.

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