Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer Holiday

So the past weekend I have had a chance to catch up with my cousins once again. It has been a pretty long time since I saw them last. We are all so busy with our lives that we barely manage to text each other, and then only when it’s something really important like birthdays or passing on messages from one cousin to another. So on Saturday night, my dad took the whole family to his brother’s house. This was so that my brothers and I could wish my cousin well for achieving a 2:1 on his first year of Finance and Economics degree. My dad joked with my brothers about congratulating our cousin over the telephone and also dropping him a text, however my brothers were adamant that they should be able to congratulate our cousin face to face. Alas it was not to be, as half an hour before we arrived at their house, my cousin had left for work.

It was quite enjoyable for me as I could bond with my other really close cousin, who had just completed her GCSE’s this year. My youngest brother and she are the same age, with only 1 week difference. So, she was talking to me about what subject she feels she did well in, and also what she has decided to take onto A Level. She has decided to study; English Language and English Literature (this is one A Level by itself), Mathematics, Economics and Sociology. So in total she will be studying four subjects. My brother has also picked similar subjects: English Literature, Mathematics, Economics and History. Whilst I am a huge fan of English Language and Literature and of course Mathematics, having studied both of them up to A Level, and nearly close to completing my degree in Mathematics, I also studied both Biology at A Level and Chemistry at AS Level. I like the fact that my youngest brother has chosen some subjects different to mine as it shows he truly enjoys those subjects that he picked and doesn’t always follow what my other brother (Older than him, but younger than me) has picked. My other brother has completed his AS in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and History, and is looking forward to completing all fours subjects at A Level.
Then on Sunday, my aunt (dad’s sister) and her family came to my house for dinner. It was quite enjoyable as we just chatted about random girly stuff. This cousin sister of mine is even more serious about studying, then my other cousin who is my brother’s age. Although this cousin is quite young in age, she will begin year 11 in September, she is really mature for her age. She has already picked out what A Levels she wants to study; Biology, Chemistry Mathematics and one other subject which she is undecided on. I suggested History or Sociology, seeing as she’s studied both at GCSE level. However she thinks she would like to study Psychology, as she wants to try something new. I was supportive of her and encouraged her that she should go for it, if that’s what makes her happy, but then again she is quite younger and still has one year left before she finalises her choices for college.
This past couple of days has made me realise how grown up my cousins and brothers are, how much they have matured and are more than ready for further study. I mean one of my brothers will be starting university is September 2012; this just makes me think where did all the time go? At the same time, I’m really happy for them and always wish that no matter what subjects they study, or what path they take in terms of university study or getting a job, that they are happy for themselves. One thing I did learn over the past couple of years is that if you’re happy with yourself, then others will be happy for you.

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