Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Busy schedule

It’s been ages since I wrote a blog. I’ve been so busy for the last couple of weeks. It’s really weird; I’ve been back at university for 4 weeks now, and we’ve got so much work to do. This year is going to be the most difficult, because I’m going to be studying 7 modules in total, 3 in the first term and 3 in the second term. They are all 15 credit courses. The final module is 30 credits, which I will be studying for two terms.

At the same time, I am enjoying studying. I am currently doing a group project with some of my fellow 3rd year maths students. I am working with 4 other people. 3 of whom I’ve never spoken to till the group project. At the same time, we get along with each other. I like working in my group because everyone works together really well, and everyone is serious about studying. This is because it’s our final year and also because our group project counts as 30% of our final mark for that module. Working as part of a group teaches us many things, like getting along with different people.

One really interesting thing which I did this week is sign up for a SCONUL card. A SCONUL card gives me access to some other university libraries, so I can go to other universities and look at some books there. I think that’s very cool. One of the members of my group said that he got the card last year, but never used it. At least this way if I ever want to get some reading or revision done for my coursework and my exams, bur I don’t want to study at home, then I can study at other universities closer to home. The best thing about the SCONUL card is that they give a wider access to books and journals. This is brilliant, as Universities have different books, which makes it easier to do a project, whether group or individual as then we will have a wider range of resources.

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