Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Starting Individual Project

I’ve finally submitted my group project YAY! I feel so relieved that it’s all done and out of the way. Now I have two more coursework’s to complete, 1 for statistics and 1 for finance.  Luckily the statistics one just got released today and I have four weeks to complete it. The finance coursework is due in a week before the Christmas holidays.  My aim is to complete as much of it as I can as early as possible.  Then closer to the deadline date, I can review it and fix any mistakes I may have made. 

I also have to think about writing my proposal for my individual project. I think that the individual project will be more stressful compared to the group project. This is because at least as a group, we could bounce ideas off each other and also provide helpful criticism, in order to improve the quality of the report. 

In my opinion, the best projects start off with a fairly large idea, which can then be divided into sub – topics. The best way to formulate ideas is to draw a brainstorm, so then it would be easy to group ideas together. It would also be easier to spot if we’ve written the same idea twice (it can happen). For this reason, drawing a brainstorm is much more creative and effective, compared to just writing a list diagonally down a piece of paper.

I haven’t decided my final project title, but I do know that it will be based on financial econometrics (one of the modules I am studying this term). This is a brilliant topic for me, personally, because I really enjoy my finance lectures, and I’ve got sound knowledge of finance in general, outside of University. I also think it would be quite relevant and useful to combine economics with it as well. Both finance and economics are closely linked with each other, especially when observing the financial markets and considering the economic climate and recession, in today’s modern world. 

Why do I have the feeling that I’ll be writing about my individual project, in my future blogs?

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