Thursday, 18 April 2013

Exam season and coursework submission!

I have just submitted my placement presentation last night which counts towards 20% of my final grade :) I am quite pleased with my final draft of the presentation. I have to deliver the presentation next Friday 26th April at 2pm. I am quite looking forward to delivering the presentation as I can reflect on my experience on carrying out the placement.

I also have to submit my placement report which needs to be between 3000–4000 words long next Wednesday 24th April. So far I have completed 2/3 of the report and I am just looking forward to completing it. My written report counts towards 50% of my grade for the UAS module.

The final piece of assessment is the logbook which makes up for 30% of that module. This is my favourite part of the assessment as it requires me to reflect on my weekly experience of working at Wanstead High School. I enjoy writing the logbooks as I have to write a bit every week and so I don’t need to do all the written work all at once.

Overall, it has been a busy month with so many assignments to complete. I am very much looking forward to completing all my coursework’s and enjoying the sunshine. 

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