Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Now that the holidays are officially over, my cousins and I are looking forward to a sleepover at my house. Yes that means lots of junk food like chocolate and popcorn and chick flicks after midnight. I might even be tempted to make chocolate flavoured popcorn. Having not seen my cousins for a few weeks although it feels like months, I am looking forward to seeing them again.
Having told my mum my plan, she’s already gone out and done all my food shopping for me. She’s bought all my favourite snacks and drinks. Although, me being me, I’ve already eat half the stuff she bought. So I guess I’ll have to do the shopping again. Sigh.
Although instead of going to the shops to buy food, I might just stay home and make some cookies and cakes instead. I mean honestly who wants to go food shopping in this weather? Not me that’s for sure. If I’m feeling generous then I might allow my cousins in the kitchen to help out. 
The only real problem now is how to distract my brothers and keep them out of the house while my cousins stay over. The only reason for this is that all my cousins staying over for the sleepover are girls only so that means no boys allowed. Brothers or no. Absolutely no boys allowed. I mean if I was staying over for a girly sleepover at my cousins or friends house then I wouldn’t want their brothers in the house sneaking up on us or checking on us to see what we’re up to, so in that respect I would have to pay the same courtesy to my cousins that they would pay me.
Anyways, carry on reading my blogs and tune in next week to find out how the sleepover went and my plans for the New Year.

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